Silver Scarab

Silver Scarab is another classic-style reel slots game with a few extras added on top to give it some additional excitement.

As you might guess by the ‘scarab’ part of the name, this game has a slight Egyptian theme, but they don’t go over the top with it. Like most of the classic games, it has the standard three reels with one payline, giving you a maximum of three coins ranging in possible value from twenty-five cents up to five dollars. In contrast to a lot of the other classic styles, though, Silver Scarab does have both a wild and a scatter symbol, and it’s progressive, so the jackpot really can add up over time. In keeping with the name and the theme, the scarab stands in for both the wild and scatter symbols, so you’ve got one symbol there that you can always root for, which is good since the other symbols are just a straightforward mix of bars and 7s.

Silver Scarab has a really nice system that is a great mix of classic and a little new. The scarab, which does double duty as the wild and scatter symbols, appears on all three reels and can replace any other symbol in the game to get a nice payout. There’s also a special prize that comes up whenever there are three scarabs on the screen at any given time, and that can really increase your winning percentage, especially on a game as otherwise simple as this one.

Unfortunately, Silver Scarab has a lot of negatives, too. Namely, with so few symbols, it gets repetitive fast, and the graphics, while certainly functional and free of glitches, are pretty plain. The sound effects are likewise fairly unexciting and don’t really seem to add anything special to the game. The Egyptian theme doesn’t go as far as it could, either; in fact, it doesn’t really stretch to anything on the screen except for the scarabs themselves. Given the lackluster atmosphere, a little added excitement in the area of game-play would have been quite welcome. A prize multiplier would have added another layer of excitement to the game, or perhaps lowering the minimum bet to turn it into a straightforward penny slot.

Any way you look at it, Silver Scarab is a solid classic slot game, but it’s not one of the more exciting options out there, especially among the ones offered by It’s worth a try if you’re really in the mood for simple, classic slots, but you might find yourself moving on to the more impressive options on their list fairly quickly.