Monkey Money

Monkey Money is one of the better three-reel slot games out there.

In terms of actual game-play, it’s pretty simple. There are just three reels with one pay line, and the maximum number of coins you can bet is just two, although you can adjust it from as low as a quarter up to five dollars per coin for a maximum bet of ten dollars. What keeps it fun, though, is the theme, and the theme is a simple one: Monkeys! Specifically, the star of the show is a big grinning monkey in sunglasses and a flashy purple suit, and he’s got the charisma to make the game entertaining. The other symbols (except for the standard bar and seven symbols) go along with the monkey for a pretty consistent theme.

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Despite the relative simplicity of the game-play, the payout is actually pretty good on this one. There aren’t too many symbols in total, and the monkey substitutes for any of the other symbols, so you have very solid odds of getting any of the nine possible winning combinations. An extra wild or scatter symbol would certainly be appreciated, or another pay line or two, but as it stands, the rate of return is quite solid. You might also be concerned that the lack of bonus features and symbols might lead to a boring game, but Monkeys Money is beautifully designed. Thanks to the well-thought-out theming and the cheeky monkey, it’s an enjoyable game with decent staying power.

In terms of major downsides, the only real one is the lack of extra features. As said above, Monkey Money is a pretty straightforward game without a lot of extras, and the main draw is the cool theme with the funny monkey, so if you’re not one for grinning primates, this may not be the best slot game for you. For everyone else, though, this game is at least worth a try for both the payout and the theme.

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