Ladies Night

Ladies Night is an exciting video slot game with a cool nightclub theme. With five reels and nine paylines, it has a maximum bet of 45 coins, with a wild and a scatter symbol to shake things up a little.

Ladies Night is a pretty good game to start with. The wild and scatter symbols are great and go along with the nightclub theme (they’re called the Glitterball and the Waiter respectively), and they go a long way toward determining jackpots and triggering the two bonus games. The scatter or Waiter is the one that you really want to get, though, since it can trigger the Free Spins bonus game, which gives you fifteen free spins. During those free spins, every win will be tripled, and you know that can add up fast! The other bonus game is the Gamble Bonus Game. You can choose to access this game after every win. If you opt to try it, you’ll get the chance to guess the suit or color of a card. If you guess right, you double your win. You can keep stacking this game, too, up to maximum of five double wins in a row.

Another good thing about Ladies Night is the amount of control the player has over the atmosphere. You can change up the sound effects, and you can choose multiple speeds to play at. The graphics are really vivid and sharp, and you can play in two different modes: Autoplay or Expert, depending on how confident you are in your skills. You’ve got the choice of up to nine paylines to play with, so you can give yourself a little variety here, but if you want to skip the decision-making process, you can always just click ‘Max Bet’ to bypass these options and go straight for the maximum bet for whatever coin denomination you choose. This can speed things up considerably if you find yourself playing a lot. You can choose coin denominations from a single penny all the way up to a dollar, so the stakes of the game are really whatever you want to make them.

On the downside, payouts for Ladies Night aren’t stellar. They’re not bad, but also not something to get super excited about. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, when you consider that there are a limited number of reels and paylines and a minimum bet of just a penny per coin, so you don’t really have to risk much if you’re just there to have fun. And like most of the games offered at, Ladies Night definitely is worth playing just for the fun. Give it a shot and see if the colorful atmosphere and plentiful bonus game opportunities appeal to you.