I Am…

Hi Dearest Reader,

My name is Eric Wong.

My family is from Jiangmen in the North of Macau, my parents left the country to “live the bettter life” and moved to the USA in 1964. Well, no one can really say, if the life is better after all, but definitely more convenient. And the opportunities for me to get a better education, justifies the struggle that my parents went through….that’s what they said!

However, I’m  a happy and rather typical American boy, who enjoys life here to the fullest. And this includes my little gambling-secret…

I first got into slot games as a regular player, just like you. It didn’t take me long to realize that slots are so popular for a reason: They’re just plain fun! Slot games are fast, they’re exciting, they offer great payouts, and there is a huge variety of them with themes for any hobby or interest you can imagine. I was hooked from the first time I played them.

The only trouble was that like anyone else I had limited time to play with, so naturally I wanted to make sure that every game I played was the absolute best use of my time that I could find. So I went online to look for reviews of games so I could pick the absolute best ones. You can find everything online, right? Wrong. I was shocked to discover that I couldn’t find a single site that provided a one-stop shop for reviews of slot games.

At first I was really disappointed, but then I got to thinking. Why couldn’t I fill that vacancy? So I decided to create a comprehensive site for reviews of slot games, especially from my favorite casino, 777 Dragon Casino. Along the way I decided to add in the latest news I could find related to my favorite hobby, so today I am proud to bring you the most complete site for news and reviews of all of your favorite slot games.