Diamond 7’s

Diamond 7’s is the ultimate classic reel slots game. There aren’t any fancy themes here, no complicated graphics to admire, just a basic old-school slots game.

Don’t misunderstand, though. The lack of theme doesn’t mean that the game lacks atmosphere. Quite the contrary, actually. Diamond 7‘s feels like a real old-timey casino game. The symbols are as old-fashioned as they get: 7s, of course, and bars and cherries. Even the basic font used feels just like the olden days. It’s a game for gambling purists who want to experience the classic appeal of the game as it originated. The game-play is about what you’d expect from such a basic game, too. Three reels, three coins, one payline. For the jackpot, you need (as you may have guessed) all three diamond 7’s for a payout of $25,000 if you’re making the maximum possible bet, although you can of course bet lower if you prefer (as low as a quarter a coin, if you wish).

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One of the main benefits of Diamond 7’s is how simple it keeps the game. In keeping with its traditional appearance, it sticks with the standard three reels and single payline. There’s no wild, no scatter symbol, and not a single bonus game to be found. The simplicity means that it’s easy to know when you’ve won and what you’ve won instead of wading through a maze of symbols, paylines, and bonus games to figure out what your status is like in some more complicated games. A cherry? That’s a win. Two or three cherries? Big win. Three bar symbols? More winning. And as the name suggests, 7s are good news. If you get any red or diamond 7s, you’ve won something. Three 7s of any color is another win, three red 7s is a very big win, and if all three sparkle like gems? There’s your jackpot! Honestly, it’s refreshing. This is one game that you could treat as a palate cleanser after spending some time with the flashy and sometimes complicated modern video slots.

On the downside, the simplicity of the game also means that the payout stays pretty low. With just one payline, you only have one chance to win on every spin. Even with so many possible winning symbols, those odds just aren’t as good as a lot of newer-styled games with wilds and scatter symbols to increase your chances. This game is perhaps better treated not as your biggest money-maker but rather as a nice break from all the bling and flash of the video slots next door.

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